Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Cheers Me Up

I've been feeling down the last few days. I had a crying fit in front of/to Romeo last night. It's mainly over the baby blues and not being able to have another one right now. Anyway, I don't have anything exciting to post due to my mood. But I did want to share this picture because it makes me smile. Tybalt ate his first orange a couple weeks ago, and I caught the moment on camera:

Oooh! Tart!


  1. Ahahaha cute. Who does he look like, you or Romeo?

  2. Thanks!

    He definitely has Romeo's big brown "doe eyes." And we think his forehead and hairline. But he's got my nose, and face shape, and chin. Poor kid inherited my nose with absolutely no bridge, so he needs two straps to hold up his glasses! :) ( I type as I push my glasses up repeatedly on my nose! LOL.)