Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Pediatrician

Romeo and I decided to try and switch Tybalt's pediatrician. His previous one is too far away since we moved clear across town last March, I've never been comfortable in the office because most of the patients and staff all speak a different language, and the doctor seems to be obsessed with Tybalt's large head. She wanted to do a CAT-scan and it would require sedation, and we just aren't comfortable with that. Romeo's head is big, my MIL's head is big, FIL's head is big--Tybalt just inherited a big head! But the doctor has never been satisfied with that answer.

So, Tybalt needed to go in for his 15 month well-check and we decided to use the opportunity to doctor shop. We found one not five minutes from our apartment, with good online reviews, and I made an appointment.

I just got back about an hour ago and Tybalt is napping off his booster shots.

I honestly don't know if we'll be going back. Well, we will have to go back at least once for the second half of his flu shot, but after that, I just don't know. Romeo and I will have to talk about it tonight.

Here's my thing--she said he should have a large vocabulary by now. This shocks me, because none of the baby books say that, and his last doctor (even with our disagreements about her wanting unnecessary testing) was extremely impressed with how much he "talks" (aka he vocalizes all the time, we just don't hear any more than like one actually word which is "Dada"). So why such a stark, huge difference in opinion between the two doctors? (P.S. His head size was never even MENTIONED by this new doctor. I guess we were hoping a new doctor wouldn't see it as such a big deal, that's one reason for the switch, but again, why such differences between what each doctor is concerned with?)

Anway, but what actually HURT my feelings is that she said "He's not talking? You need to get him books, read to him, play music at home, talk to him."

Um, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

First of all, how DARE you accuse me of not doing any of that. I'M TOO ENRAGED TO EVEN COMMENT ON THE "TALK TO HIM" SUGGESTION!!!!!!!!!!!

As for the others, he's been read to, sung to, lullabies played to him, all since birth! What kind of parents do you think we are? How about asking, "Do you read to him? What about music?" etc. Why the hell do you just assume? And just because my son doesn't have a huge vocabulary doesn't mean I don't foster learning in my home! (Hell, Romeo took two hours off of work to sit in your waiting room with me and meet you, Ms. "New Doctor." I only saw one other set of two parents there today. You really think if we are the type who care enough to BOTH come to his doctor appointment that we are the type to not care at home about our child's well-being?)

Secondly, and sadly, what kind of parent doesn't read to their child and sing or have music cd's, etc., around the house? (Unfortunately, with my past business experience with low-income families, I know the answer to this question is that many parents don't. But it's sad, and don't you dare assume I'm one of them.)

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