Tuesday, November 8, 2011


You've no doubt read about my in-laws. Ugh. I have a pretty good relationship with my mother-in-law and a "horrible, no-good, very bad" relationship with my father-in-law.

Well, FIL is still in town for another week. So for the last three months, MIL and I have not visited much. And for her to see Tybalt, my husband has had to bring him over to her house, where FIL stays (even though they are divorced) while he is in town.

In general, MIL has still gotten to see Tybalt quite a bit. At least once a week. And that's not like "a couple hours long visit" once a week--that's a full overnight, even often two nights in a row, visit every week.

**(I believe that's actually MORE than "quite a bit" but that's perhaps another upcoming blog post. How often do "local" grandparents normally see their grandchildren? I had one "local" grandmother and I saw her maybe once a month--as in go to Grandma's for the afternoon once a month. Sleepover? That was more like twice a year. Which one is the odd frequency? I can see a weekly visit, but Grandma wanting a weekly sleepover? Um, yeah this has started to be an issue bouncing around in my head. But...anyway...)**

But we got a call last week that FIL had gotten a shingles shot, and because of such could not be around any child for two weeks.

So, I guess MIL is going through Tybalt withdrawl.

How do I know this? Her text last night: "Are you going to be home tomorrow? I bought the baby some Christmas socks, but they look small, so I want to come over and try them on him."

I don't even know how to finish this post. I believe it finishes itself--was that not a bit of a stretch of an excuse to come over and cuddle with her grandson? Why does she think she has to make excuses? Can't she just say she misses him (and me, I would hope) and ask if she can come visit?

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  1. Maybe she doesn't want to be overstepping or too forceful about it? Then you feel obliged to let her come...