Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Losing my mind -- I mean, assistant!

Tomorrow is my assistant's last day. My boss has requested that I not hire another one, you know, for budgetary reasons. I'm not going to get all diva-rrific and deny his kind request. So yeah, I'm on my own.

When I first started working for this company, I had two assistants. One to do licensure work and test registration. I realize I've never really gotten too far into the details of what I do, but in addition to the Immigration stuff that I do, I actually have to work on getting the company's potential employee's eligible for immigration to the U.S. This is not so interesting and mostly administrative work, so it's been mostly done by my assistants. One of them did only this type of administrative work, while the other functioned more like a legal assistant/paralegal and filled out my Immigration forms for me. My first assistant (the paralegal one) left the company while I was on maternity leave. I was totally fine with it -- I liked him a lot, and he left to go to grad school. Now, today is my administrative assistant's last day.

Things are about to get a bit rougher for my whole parent-from-work thing to keep on working as it does. If I don't have anyone to do my administrative stuff, the hours I can spend leisurely reading Immigration articles with Mia on my lap (only one hand necessary for scrolling), researching Nevada Physical Therapy regulations with Mia on my lap, and whatever else I need to read up on are about to get shorter.

Thankfully, my Mom gets here next week and is staying until the Holidays. I am almost certain that she's not going to let me take Mia away from her during the day (except on those days she decides she NEEDS to go to the Forum Shops). That will give me some time to get used to this whole working on my own thing. And for me to hone my one-handed typing skills!

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