Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whatnot Wednesday #2


Not much to talk about today, but I promised a "Whatnot Wednesday," so I'll take a deep breath and see what comes out...

  • Tybalt is sick.  Sick babies/toddlers suck.  Period.  He HATES having his nose wiped, with a passion.  And right now he needs it wiped about every 10 minutes.  On top of that, he has an eye infection and needs eye drops.  1 drop in each eye, 4 times a day.  The first day he had no clue what he was in for, and so because of that it was actually much easier than I expected.  Since then?  For crying out loud!  The kid squeezes his eyes shut so hard that when I try to pry his lids open they flip inside out.  It's gross, makes me feel mean, frustrates me, etc., all at once.  And can I ask, why are Moms the ones just EXPECTED to give the medicine?  For all of Romeo's good qualities, on this one he doesn't even offer or try.  Tybalt's been sick more than once and every single time I'm the "pharmacy."
  • I'm still sick.  Ugh.  Taking my meds, so shouldn't be contagious anymore, but still don't feel well.
  • I'm reading a "new" book right now.  I wish I could just curl up in bed, start reading, and not stop until it's done.  It's the first in a series that Romeo and his roommate discovered in college--this one is called "Big Secrets" by William Poundstone.  There is also "Bigger Secrets" and "Biggest Secrets."  It's really interesting; all about trade secrets.  Like the first section of chapters is on highly classified recipes such as KFC, Coca-cola, etc.  Now I'm in the "Money" section that reveals how money is pressed, what secret messages are printed on it, and such.  There are upcoming sections on popular magic tricks, hidden messages in music (i.e. records due to when the book was written) and other neat things.  The book was written in 1983 which also provides some chuckles because not all the products are still available, or like I can't compare the U.S. currency as it describes it because there have been quite a few revisions since then.  But it's still a very good read.
  • I do believe I'm addicted to Macaroni and Cheese.  Specifically Kraft.  I hate myself for it, because it's steering me WAY off my diet, but in the last few weeks I've had it at least once a week, and the last 3 days I've had it every day.  Do I get a pass because I'm sick and/or dealing with a fussy sick kid?  I hope... but I doubt.
  • Side note--the best version of Kraft Mac'n'Cheese hands down is any of the "shape" versions, like Disney Cars or Sponge Bob Square Pants.  I don't care which shape version I buy, but the shapes both sauce and noodle consistency is much better than the plain old stuff.  Runner up is "spirals."  No matter what, Kraft is the best.  Only in a pinch will I do store brand, I have learned during this kick.  I bought it once a couple weeks ago for the price difference--not worth it.  Now mind you, this is just comparing the box make-at-home stuff.  Country Crock pre-made tubs in the refrigerated section are in a different class all to themselves (though I still think Kraft "shapes" win with an ever so slight margin, but it's like comparing apples to oranges) and of course I'm not even going to get into restaurant Macaroni and Cheese.  Any food that I don't have to make myself probably wins no matter what, simply for that fact, lol.
Sigh, it's time to be done when I'm assessing carbs so strictly.

"See" ya later.

Ah, what a refreshing feeling!  My brain has been cleaned out a bit!  Interested in participating in "Whatnot Wednesdays" yourself?  Follow the hyperlink button at the top of this entry to link to E at her blog "Every Day The Wonderful Happens," and find out more!

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