Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tell Me About Yourself Award

The above is an award currently circulating among bloggers, and it was recently granted to us here at "Mommy and the Sin City" by our "bliend" (blogging friend?  anyone?  no?  well, I tried, lol) "E" at "Every Day The Wonderful Happens."  I recently wrote about her, but if you missed it, she is a blogger who writes about her two pre-school aged sons, pets, faith, husband, and everyday life.  I was led to her blog a couple of months ago while perusing adoption blogs and she is one of the most entertaining, and honest(!), writers I have found when it comes to blogging about their experiences with adoption.  (One son is biological and one is adopted.)

The rules of the award are as follows:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. List seven things people may not know about you.
3. Pass it on to 15 (or so) other bloggers.

So, I'm actually going to "pass" it next (just in case I lose anyone during my 7 personal tidbits and you don't read until the end).  Frenchie and I put our heads together and wanted to pass this award to those fellow bloggers that we thought would appreciate it most and want most to get in on the fun so we don't have 15 names, but still, we are passing it to: "The Lawyering BeeBeeZfa", Cristy @ "Happily a Law Mama"/"Is There a Doctor in the House?" (She has recently changed blog titles.), and "But I Do Have a Law Degree."

Now, finally, for my personal tidbits:
1. I greatly appreciate Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior.  Admittedly, Donald Duck's and Goofy's voices are like nails on a chalk board to me. And the repetitive songs and sayings, "Everybody say, 'Oh, Toodles!" while I know are exactly the point of the show and what gain the interaction of children in homes everywhere, can be irritating as well.  But man, how it shuts up my kid!  Okay, let me put that in more sensitive terms: Tybalt loves the show and whenever it comes on his attention goes straight to it, so it has saved me and my sanity more than once.

2. I have a secret paralyzing fear of potty training my son.  In all honesty, it was the main reason I was scared when I found out it was boy.  Boys and their "little bits" make me uncomfortable.  I can't explain it, because I know it's natural and nature and all that stuff, but I really think I'm going to squirm and giggle uncomfortably when the time comes to "teach" him.  Plus, who am I to "teach" him, when I know nothing about how a man uses the bathroom?

3. Sometimes, I still cuddle with and talk to stuffed animals like a child does.  Okay, there, I admit it.  I have had the same beloved teddy bear since I was born, a blue and white little guy named Bruno.  And I have others.  Quite a few.  Though those have all gone into Tybalt's room at this point and are considered his.  But Bruno is tucked away in my closet, comes out when I'm having the worst of days and really need him, and will never go to Tybalt.  Sorry, son.

4. I got mad at Romeo the first year we were together when he gave me chocolates for Christmas.  Two years ago when I wanted nothing but Godiva chocolate for Valentine's Day, it really threw him for a loop.  I tried to explain it: a) I didn't like the chocolate when we were "new" to each other and I felt that you got it because you just couldn't think of anything else, and that made me also feel like you looked at your plus-sized girlfriend and thought, "Well, she probably would like something to eat." Now I'm  your wife (and I was pregnant at the time), and I'm okay admitting when I do want some junk food. b) Come on, Godiva is Godiva!  Let's face it, he got me the cheap stuff before.  Lol.

5. Probably as little as 5 or 6 years ago I had never even tried sweet potatoes.  Now, I really like them!  Especially sweet potato fries.  Yum.  Same with sushi--my first experience with that was probably only 3 years ago.  And, well, okay, Frenchie can attest that my kind of sushi is basically maki rolls and only cooked items, but still...I consider that being more open-minded than when I had never even wanted to try a California roll!  And last week I did try [raw] yellowtail nigiri (Hamachi?).  So yes, I say points for me! Whatever you consider it, my tastes have definitely broadened since high school and college, that's for sure.

6. Speaking of food, I have a super power that I have never heard of anyone else having: I can distinctly smell lettuce.  I don't like lettuce.  Yes, I know it's practically tasteless, but it's the texture I don't like, same with cabbage, grape leaves, etc.  Anyway, when I order a burger or taco from a fast food joint, I order them without lettuce.  As soon as the bag is in my car, I can immediately smell if the restaurant screwed up my order and included the lettuce.  It's a sweet, grassy sort of smell.  And I've never heard of anyone else that can smell it, but I definitely can.

7.  My thumbs bend backwards.  I can bend them about 90 degrees back if I press on them, but even naturally, if I just give someone a "thumbs up" or the "hitchhiker's sign," both of my thumbs automatically bend about 45 degrees backwards.  I didn't realize it or know it was strange until I was in junior high or so and a friend at church asked me where someone or something was and I gestured with my thumb.  I remember her doing a double take and crossing the room quickly to ask me to do it again, and showing me it wasn't normal by showing me her thumbs and how they only go straight up.  Then she went up and down the hallway looking for people to show my thumbs to and get an opinion from. I forgot about it for years though, until Romeo got freaked out by it upon his first time seeing.  It still freaks him out to this day.  We've been trying to see if there's any chance Tybalt picked up this strange genetic party trick from me.  Can't tell yet, but sometimes I swear I see his thumbs flex backwards!  :)

Well, there you have it!


  1. I am so excited to do this, but I will have to think about it! Thanks for thinking of me!

  2. I am so with you--Godiva is TOTALLY different from other chocolates. I prefer only to receive chocolates if they come with one of those maps so you know exactly the kind you are trying when you bite into it.
    I sleep with a stuffed giraffe, so don't feel bad about Bruno!!
    Thanks for joining in the fun!