Monday, February 6, 2012

Tidbits of why things are better.

I got paid about two hours after I published that last post. Granted, it was only one paycheck, but my boss promises the second one to come by the end of this week. So, that helps.

B and I discussed moving, and we will look at what is out there. If we find something we absolutely love, we'll move. If not, we'll stay put. If I may say so myself, is a rational compromise.

Mia is going through a Mommy-only phase at the moment. All weekend, she's wanted nothing to do with B, and basically cries if I put her down, or put her in B's lap. So that's been fun. Especially since she's back at the office as of this morning.

B was off on saturday - a rare occurrence - and we had a great relaxing weekend. Desperately needed errands and cleaning on saturday, and homemade pizzas for the superbowl on sunday. Both days, we were both there to hang out with our super fun crawling and pulling up baby. The only real not so fun part was the clingy baby who is no longer used to sleeping in her crib or in her own room (as opposed to the pack n play in our room while Mom was in town).

I've gotten zero responses from the 10+ job applications that I put out there. How is it possible that after 2 years of working, I still don't qualify for any nice, well paying jobs? I'm sure many of the MILPs have frustrations about that. So, that's not a better, but you know.

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