Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tell me about yourself award.

Although slightly delayed, here are my seven things for the Tell Me about Yourself Award! Thank you to E at Every day the Wonderful Happens for sharing it with us.
1. As an adult, I have had trouble making friends. In high school, I had a very close, very steady group of four friends. The five of us did everything teenage together, and starting sophomore year of high school, spent basically every weekend and summer together. We were not "cool" in high school, so our teenage things consisted mostly of renting movies from blockbuster, and having sleep overs. I had an awesome time and I love all four of those girls. All four were involved in my wedding in some way or another, and we still make a point of seeing each other every year, despite being scattered across the country. In college, I somehow stumbled on the same thing, but with three girls rather than four. We did everything college related together, pledged a sorority together, and shared an apartment our senior year. One was my maid of honor, and the two others were ushers. In law school, I had friends, but mostly just hung out with B, since, you know, we like, loved each other and all that. Ever since it seems difficult to get to that level of friendship with anyone. My teenage self would have envisioned falling into a "Friends" or "How I Met Your Mother" group, but of course, those are TV shows and might not exist in real life. There are people I like to hang out with, and go out to dinner with, but I've accepted that I am not someone who can make those types of friends, friends that feel like family, now that I'm technically a grown up.

2. Speaking of B, I almost messed everything up when we first started dating. There was a pretty short lag time between when B professed his undying love for me (not really, but you know, he asked if I was his "girlfriend") and when I was dumped by my college boyfriend. After I had gone out with B a few times, my ex-boyfriend decided he had made a huge mistake and wanted to get back together. I almost agreed. But in the end, I declined and told B that yes, I was his girlfriend.

3. If (and when) B and I decide to have another baby, I secretly want another girl. B wants a boy, and of course, that would be so great, in theory. You get one of each, and you're done. But... I love having a girl. She's so cute and pretty and she has the best clothes and toys. When I got pregnant, and before, I wanted boys. All boys. Nothing frilly, no pink, just trucks and polo shirts. Now, if we do make another one (and we will try to, eventually, I talk a big game about just having one), I will secretly hope for a girl.

4. Until I started knitting, I was a real hobby-whore. It started when I was a kid. I took all sorts of classes, from voice lessons, to beading and aikido. My Mom always joked that I was trying to find myself. I just thought that everyone got to be great at one thing, and I was just looking for mine. I'm not awesome at knitting, but I sure do love it.

5. Speaking of knitting, my Mom and I are seriously thinking about opening up a yarn store when my parents retire and choose to come back to the U.S. During my down time, I've promised to look into putting together a preliminary business plan and finding yarn shows to price out wholesale yarn. Most yarn shops that I've been to are pretty stuffy and unwelcoming, plus they're so old fashioned and dark. Knitting is getting really popular with younger people, and I think yarn stores should reflect that. We'll see how things turn out.

6. I am prone to the occasional panic attack. Full blown, I can't breathe panic attacks. In fact, I had one last night, as I was trying to sleep. Halfway asleep, I woke up gasping for air and generally scaring the crap out of my nyquil-ed up husband. Usually, I tell myself that nothing I am currently worried about is real. What is real is the presence of my husband next to me, and my child in the next room, who is currently breathing, fed and happy. Nothing else matters.

7. I'm really grasping here, but my 7th and final thing is that I hate wearing socks. I feel constrained in them. If I have to wear socks, I do, but it feels like my toes can't breathe. The only way I can explain it is that it is some form of claustrophobia. I like living in Las Vegas because the weather rarely dips low enough to require me to wear them. I wear closed toe shoes, like loafters, without socks. This might be the same reason I can't let my nails (of the finger or toe variety) grow, because it feels like the skin beneath the growth cannot breathe!

Although I let Juliet Cap do the dirty work of tagging, I'll add Meredith at Lawyerish since I love her and she likes to do these memes!


  1. Oh dear, I love socks. Socks and chapstick are my 2 favorite things EVER.

    1. Agreed on the chapstick, but socks, we will forever disagree!