Friday, February 10, 2012

Illness Spreading Like Wildfire

I know I've been an absentee blogger.  Unfortunately I've been horribly sick with migraines last week and now this week both the stomach flu (103.1 fever--yay!  Not.) and a respiratory infection.  I broke down and went to the doc yesterday who diagnosed me.  She says the "colds" I've had off and on for a couple months have led to stuff staying in my head and chest and getting yucky and infected.  And apparently the migraines were a symptom too.  And now Tybalt is sick as well.  Hoping it's not the same thing, but I worry it is and we'll have to take him for antibiotics and such of his own, just like Mommy.  So, we'll see what happens and once everyone in my house is in the clear, I should be back up and running here.  At the very least, I promise another one of those fun "Whatnot Wednesdays" soon.  In the meantime, please excuse my absence.  I don't know how other "mommy bloggers" never skip more than a day or two.  I mean, between the kids themselves, occasional household bouts of illness, after-school activities, errands, and sometimes just needing to hide alone with a good book or take a nap--what's a mom to do?  Sigh, anyway, guess I'm just not one of them.  Sometimes it's too much for me.  In the mean time, Happy Early Valentine's Day, everyone!  (Romeo and I will be celebrating twice.  A small date on Tuesday due to "budgetary constraints" and a nice night out the following Saturday where we'll not have to look at the prices on the menu, we'll exchange gifts finally, and be able to order a cocktail or two.  I'm actually not too disappointed that the actual February 14th will be small and have no gift exchange--I mean who else gets to say they had 2 V-days?  Okay, admittedly, maybe I am a touch disappointed and am just trying to talk myself out of it.  But so far so good.........................................................................kinda?)

In the interim, some cute pictures of my kid, because, well, just cuz I feel like it, I guess, lol.

What A Difference A Year Makes--Our Christmas Card 2010--Tybalt is between 3 and 4 months old here.

Christmas 2011.  Trucks and extra railroad pieces from Santa!  16 months old.

1. Take your hand.  2. Hold over me in this picture.  3. Proceed to enjoy looking at my adorable son as he reads. 

Bedtime Story With Mommy.  15 months.

Tybalt Outside Church, He Was Being A Little Loud Inside.  15 months.

Playing Piano with Daddy. Please God, I hope he really does play piano, or some instrument like Daddy.

16 months

16 months.  Blurry, but I love the tongue out.

Daddy and Tybalt Outside the Lion Exhibit at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  16 months.

"Hey, Mommy, Nice Camera!" 17 months.

"Cheese!"  17 months.

Intrigued By His Reflection In His Mirrored Closet Door

Bedtime Ritual--Brushing Teeth With Daddy.  17 months.

For the record, we did finally get his hair cut a few weeks ago, even though it was probably anywhere from 3-7 months late.  Mommy had a hard time with the first haircut.  It was even harder than I thought it would be.  But I couldn't handle him being mistaken for a girl anymore, plus on his really bad hair days I felt like a horrible mom for not having done it yet.  Actually, the above few 17 month pictures are from the night before the big cut so we could also document how long his locks had gotten.  Anyway, I've coincidentally saved that story (and photos with his cute short hair since then) for a future post.  So, you'll just have to enjoy his curls (and in some cases unruly "mop") in these pictures for now, and wait patiently for more!  :)

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  1. OMG how cute are those glasses?!?!? My heart just melted. Hope you're feeling better.