Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mommy Group!

This weekend, in addition to attending Tybalt's first birthday party, Mia and I also attended our first Las Vegas Mommy and Baby outing! I was actually pretty nervous about going out and making friends with total strangers, so I picked a pretty low pressure event, a farmer's market at Tivoli Village. It was also pretty low-key since there were only 2 other RSVPs besides my own.

I met the two women other women who attended the Farmer's market outing, and they were both friendly and not at all intimidating. Neither of their children were able to attend, but Mia isn't exactly at an age to be very social anyway. I'm not going to rave and say that I've made lasting friendships, but it's certainly a start!

Going to the farmer's market made me feel like I was living in a city again. Yes, it was in a mall made to look like city streets. Yes, there was only one vegetable vendor. But, still. I got to walk around, outside, with my stroller and look at pretty arts and crafts and taste dried fruits, freshly made donuts, handmade soaps, etc. It felt really good to look around and see more than just Wal-mart as a shopping option. The city of Chicago has ZERO Wal-marts within city limits, so to have it be the closest major store to my apartment is very strange. There were lots of kid-friendly attractions, such as a face painter, a couple of mimes and I think I spotted a magician out there. So, definitely if you have walking-age children in the Las Vegas area, I would recommend attending on Saturday mornings. I think I'm one step closer to accepting the fact that I am a Las Vegan, although I'm still sticking to being a Chicagoan who lives in Vegas.

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