Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Currently accepting Mommy applications.

In the spirit of getting to know this new city of mine, I created a membership at a while back. A few of my friends back East suggested that I do this. Initially, I joined a group for New/Expecting Moms, and the events they organized were mainly for story times at a local library. While I was pregnant, I clearly had no use for this so I never went. Now, I have a 3 month old and really still don’t have any use for story time. So, I went back on and looked around more until I found a group that seemed to have a lot of activity. It’s for Stay at Home Moms, but it said that they make some exceptions for Working Moms. So, I clicked “Join” and expected to see where the next event was, etc. Instead, I was sent to an application page. It asked basic information, for me to write a bit about myself, etc. It also asked: “What can you contribute to ____ group?”. I was pretty surprised, so I wrote something about being a good friend, that I liked to read so I would be a good addition to their book club, stuff like that. I also had to swear that I would never, ever, ever bring anything with peanuts anywhere near any person in this meet up group. EVER. And, if I don’t come to an event within 14 days of signing up, I’ll be kicked out.
I was pretty surprised with having to fill out an application, since I was really just browsing through these groups and joining interesting ones (I also joined Sin City Knitting). Normally, I would be all, seriously? I have to apply? But thinking a little about it, I realize that if this group is so serious about admitting members, it might actually have real organized and fun activities, so what the hell. So now, I’m having total application to college/sorority recruitment flashbacks. I keep trying to think back on what I wrote, and coming up with new and better things to write about. (Accept me! I promise to always wear contact lenses and makeup! I’ll give you free legal advice! I’ll look up recipes for peanut free gluten free lactose free cookies!)
I’m not actually freaking out, but I have been keeping a bit more of a vigilant eye on my email to see if there is anything from this all-powerful-mom-group-founder. Are these meet up groups worthwhile? Anyone out there actually try them? I’ll keep you updated. If I don’t get in, I’ll tell myself that it’s because I am not a SAHM. I’ll just do like a bunch of girls at my college did and make my own sorority without calling it a sorority so that I can serve alcohol. I mean, my own Momrority.