Thursday, August 4, 2011

28 going on 40?

Last Friday, I went to the Benefit brow bar to get my eyebrows done. Even though we’ve been in Las Vegas for nearly a year, I still haven’t found a eyebrow lady that I like enough to go to regularly. My hair salon doesn’t have an esthetician, so When we first got here, I tried threading, but wasn’t a huge fan. Once, I got my eyebrows waxed at the same place I was getting a mani/pedi, but I walked out with painful burns under my brows. So, I thought the ladies dressed all in black with colorful makeup at Ulta would be a good option. Plus, I’ve always really liked Benefit’s products.
My wax-lady, or whatever the technical term is, was probably hovering around 20, friendly and talkative. I had Mia with me, so we talked mostly about how crazy cute she is (since she’s crazy cute). She talked about a baby shower that she had just thrown for a friend of hers, and told me that she got her the Bumbo chair because she thought it was “such a fun and trendy thing that a young mom would like to have!”. I replied to her that I have a Bumbo chair, and that it was a good choice for a gift. She said “Oh! Yeah, I guess you’re a young mom too, sorry.” Wha…?
#1, I don’t know what she’s talking about a young mom wanting a Bumbo chair vs. a less young mom not wanting a Bumbo chair. Those chairs are adorable and excellent for babies. But that’s not the point.

A not-so-flaterring, but recent picture.
Also, Mia looks like a boy here, because she's wearing her cubs onesie without a hairbow.

Admittedly, I had not washed my hair that day, but I had showered! And put on contacts and make up! Didn’t I just started working?? (No, that was 2 years ago) OK, but I just graduated from law school!! (Nope again, 3 years ago)! I swear, I just moved out of my parents house (Even further… 6 years ago)!
It occurred to me that I might just look my age, which is 28, and that 28 doesn’t qualify me as a “young mom”. There’s no show called “27 and Pregnant”, or “Late 20s Mom”. So, OK. I’m just a regular-aged “Mom”. If that means that I pay my own rent, drive a safe car, provide my baby with health insurance, and can still spend $25 to get my eyebrows done, then I’ll take it. So don’t worry Benefit girl, you didn’t insult me after all. I’ll come back! At least until I start getting gray hairs, then, I might have to move on.  


  1. I am finding from the people around me, and statistics from classes I am taking, that more and more any age with a 2 in front is considered being a 'young mom.' I think early 30's is the new norm, and whenever I tell people I want to have children at 24 ish its like I said "I would love to have a baby at 16." Its very odd. Maybe that is where she is coming from?

  2. Hiya. Thanks for the email. Added you to the blogroll. I never critique blog design because mine really sucks and I've never fixed it, but I have to say I'm having a hard time reading the pink text on the background.

  3. Thanks! I changed the background for the posts, so hopefully that should solve the problem. Still trying to figure something about the blog title/description though.