Tuesday, February 4, 2014

More French Lessons

This past Saturday was our first lengthy day of French lessons. It went... not very well. Mia was reluctant, to put it best. I greeted her in French, first thing! Today, we are speaking French! On parle Francais aujourd'hui! Mia's response? A very clear, resounding, NO.

I kept on. I said everything in both languages. When she responded to me (in English), I would tell her what the French translation was and ask her to repeat it. Her answer? NO.

She asked if she could watch Brave. I had some house work to do, so I said sure, but we're watching it en Francais! 40 minutes later, she informed me that she didn't like Brave en Francais. 

The only time our French day was remotely successful was when I pulled out some bilingual flashcards I found at Target. I mean, they were English/Spanish flashcards, but I gave her the French translation instead and asked her to repeat. FINALLY, she did. And she had fun with it!

Overall, still a pretty unsuccessful day of French lessons, but I think when we get on it again next Saturday, she won't be quite so reluctant. I hope...

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  1. Yeah, hopefully now that she knows what to expect and as she becomes more familiar with the games and interaction in French, she won't resist it simply because it is new and different. Good luck!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living