Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Bullets

- I've had this pretty massive cold for just over a week now. I hate posting about being sick, so I keep quiet about it, but this was a nasty one. This morning, I realized that I was on day 10 of cold meds, and I realized that while my congestion et al was getting better, my throat hurt very very much. I dragged myself to the CVS Minute Clinic and it turns out that I have a massive ear infection. Who gets those over the page of 10? Well, me. She was surprised that I wasn't feeling pain and while I maintain that I wasn't, now that I know I have an infection, it's starting to hurt. Go figure.

- Today, Friday, a bunch of people are out of the office, and I'm defaulted to go to our PO Box and pick up the mail, and then I'm supposed to open it all up, and if there are payment checks, go deposit them. It was pretty fun driving around town, though a bit depressing to see how little payments healthcare providers actually get for taking care of patients. Yikes.

- B is off all weekend, and I usually like to jam pack weekends that he's going to be spending with us. But this weekend is jam packed with a whole lot of nothing. I mean, grocery shopping and walks and all the regular stuff, but I am committed to not planning our days out. I am, however, planning on having House of Cards on Netflix basically whenever possible, so as to remember the 1st season in time for the February 14th Season 2 premiere.

- I found a new (professional) blogger that I am loving - enviable hair, house and clothes:

- I am currently working on a Shifting Sands scarf as a gift to my French uncle. It's really pretty, and I'm hoping to get a nice chunk of it done on our lazy weekend.

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