Monday, February 24, 2014

Spinning Wheels

What's up lately? The answer is really not much. Small things may happen, here and there, but overall nothing causing enough of a stir to get my head out of this little fog.

I think for working parents, working people, really, you rely on your outside of work life to get your head out of work. I doubt there are very many people out there who love their jobs so much that they would rather be working than sitting at home, relaxing or hanging out with their families. Every week that has gone by does so, some days slow, some days quick, that I find myself on Sunday nights wondering where the time went. What did we do this weekend? How is it over already? What will this week bring?

It's been one of those periods at work where I feel like I've got a lot to do, and everything I seem to try fails somehow. I think I've fixed one thing, only to have it be a patch. Or, to get so close to a solution, only to have what you've worked towards fall through. What makes it worse is that my last paycheck was late. Like, 11 days late. And pay day comes around again tomorrow, and while I haven't specifically been told that it would be late again, it certainly doesn't feel like everything's back on track again. Where's my motivation? What makes me come to work, everyday, only to have what I do fail? Or at the very least, feel like what I'm doing is failing.

But I do it. You would too. As I always tried to say (back when my paycheck was consistently late, but also before I had daycare to pay) was that it was better to be owed a paycheck then to not have one coming at all.

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