Thursday, February 13, 2014

Daycare Updated

As I mentioned previously, we've been in the midst of many a transition at daycare. First, Mia's teacher retired. Then, the daycare is moving and because of that move, Mia lost quite a few of her classmates and more specifically, her little bestie.

Things started to get really stressful in the midst of the their move because things were taking so much longer to happen than anyone expected. The daycare staff had moved almost everything out of their current location, with the anticipation of starting at the new location as soon as January was up. It was getting really depressing to drop Mia off to a nearly empty classroom every morning, and pick her up from another nearly empty classroom which all the kids of different ages were watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. [When I write it out like that, it really sounds depressing]. But! Once they realized that they weren't going to get all their permits in order, they brought back the essentials. So now, when we drop Mia off, it just looks like a really tidy daycare room, which, while it looks a bit clinical, is OK with me.

The daycare held an open house at the not-yet-licensed location, though, and we attended for nearly as long as they were open for. We were able to stand around and talk to the new teacher, the 3 year old teacher [whose room Mia is transitioning to in mere months! eep!], and see the shiny new location. It really is more convenient for us, and it was really nice. They will have almost three times the square footage, with bright and airy classrooms, and even space for an indoor playground [Vegas summers!]. While at the open house, we were also able to see Mia playing with the other kids that will be moving with the school, and she really did seem happy and comfortable with them, so it was the reassurance we needed. Her new teacher is very nice, and Mia has started mentioning her name at home, so overall, things are looking up on the daycare front, and it looks like we won't be going through the whole thing of finding another one [in the same price range].

The only part that cannot and hasn't been solved, the most heartbreaking part, is Mia and Mackie being separated. Her little bestie stopped coming to her school last week, and while I think Mia didn't notice at first, on Tuesday, Mia came home and told me, in her saddest voice: "I lost my Mackie!" Seriously, my heart. I immediately messaged Mackie's Mom, who thankfully I friended on Facebook after her birthday party to set up a playdate this weekend. We're seeing them on Saturday, and I am preparing myself for the reunion of a lifetime. My poor, sweet child and her little heart.

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