Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daycare Woes

mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Mia's main daycare teacher was retiring. Well, she did, and she was replaced by a new teacher. This teacher is only there during "school hours", and leaves at 3:30, when the kids stop their scheduled portion of the day, and... just play? Who knows how much you can really schedule a group of 2 year olds, but that seems to be how it works and Mia knows her letters and numbers, so what more can we really ask for. Anyway, on her first day, I came down during "school hours" in order to meet her. She seemed nice, a bit overwhelmed, but nice.

I keep asking Mia whether she likes her new teacher. She hasn't acknowledged that she has a new teacher yet, and it's been about two weeks. She hasn't repeated her name, but, I'm giving it more time. So far, we haven't been getting the same kind of feedback from this teacher that we used to get from Miss S. She may still be adjusting - figuring out what she wants to do, etc. I'm trying to be patient, but I'm not quite sure when to draw the line.

We got notice a few weeks ago that our daycare was changing locations. They're moving a substantial distance from their current location, much further than you would expect for this kind of move. To be totally honest, the move makes my life easier. Right now, to pick Mia up, I have to take the long way home. With the new location, I take the short way home, while getting off at a different exit. But, for B, it's significantly less convenient, and he's really going to have to go out of his way to drop her off in the mornings - putting our morning ETD about 20 minutes earlier than it has been. I mean... not the end of the world, but overall kind of a pain.

Again... I'm trying not to make any quick judgments. The new location starts February 1st. I'm hoping that once the move is done, (and we get used to the new-ish routine) the new teacher will get into a groove in her new classroom. But, on Monday, I found out that Mia's best friend at school is switching day care centers because of the move. And that's a real bummer. If in a few weeks things don't seem to be getting better, I might start taking some tours.

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