Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Guilty Pleasure: New Shoes

Indulge me while I devote an entire blog post to my new pair of shoes.

Photo Credit, Sole Society
I have been coveting Sole Society for months. Months. I like about 90% of the shoes on the website, and I have had several pairs (and one bag) in my cart for as long as I can remember. They're not expensive, for shoes, but they are expensive for my current shoe budget of zero. I got my booties in the fall, and those are adorable and I love them, but when this pair popped up in my cart at $29 with free shipping and my Xmas shopping was complete with a bit left over in my Etsy bank account, I did it.

And let me tell you something about how much I love these shoes. They are really comfortable - a tiny bit tight in my toes (I'll probably order a 1/2 size up from my normal size when I order another Sole Society pair). I wore them for New Year's Eve at a sit/stand party, and the balls of my feet started only started getting tired after midnight. One hiccup, though: halfway through my evening, I noticed that the finish on the toe cap was slightly different. One is highly polished and the other is slightly duller, sort of like when you buy the display pair of shoes and one is slightly duller from being out in the light and the other is brand new because it was safely in the box? This kind of thing would normally bother me enough to return them, but I love these shoes so much that I don't care! To be fair, I did call the customer service, and they were perfectly willing to exchange them without any cost, but I just... didn't want to wait the mailing time to get a new pair. I figure that as I wear them, the finish will even out.

Anyway, I can't say enough about how much I love these shoes, how beautiful they are in person and what a nice quality the leather and materials are. Sole Society rocks.

PS: this is not sponsored or solicited - I just really like my shoes!

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  1. Those are so pretty! And Shiny! Congrats on your indulgence :)