Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bullet Catch Up

2 weeks? Really? I'm never sure how that ends up happening. I swear that I've composed a couple of blog posts in my head since then, I guess they just never made it down in writing. Anyway, in the interest of getting me writing again, let's see what I can get down.

1) Pink Eyes and Ear Infections - they're at our house. On the same person. On Sunday, when Mia woke up from her feverish nap, I saw the gunk around her eyes and declared that she had pink eye. She looked at me, and asked: My eyes pink? Yes, child. Your eyes pink. I kept her home, got her to the pediatrician at 8:45 am, where she was also declared to have an ear infection. This is too many in a row, so the pediatrician is recommending an allergy test, which we will do next week. She's at home for a second day in a row, with B. Daily allergy medicine has got to be better than constant ear infections, right?

2) The Bachelor. I am frustrated with it. You guys know how much I love this stupid show. I never fail to get caught up in the fabricated drama. I always fall for the editing - this person is crazy, this person is nice, the lead is always fantastic. This time? No. I am not falling for it. Maybe it has something to do with his anti-gay comments, but I am totally turned off by Juan Pablo. He seems completely insincere and not at all into anyone. They are editing one of the girls to be "the mean one", but I think she's actually great. I will still watch, because... well, because. But I am NOT enjoying it.

3) Mia and I are officially headed to France for my Grandmother's 90th birthday. We leave March 21st, with one night in Chicago to break things up. Then, one week in France! It should be fun. Oh, and Mia's French lessons? I am failing at them. I keep coming up with excuses - there is always something to do on a Saturday morning that I can use, but I'll be sorry when we show up in France and I have to translate everything. I will be sorry.

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