Monday, January 6, 2014

2014, officially.

On the Today show this morning, they said that today, the first Monday of 2014 is the most depressing day of the year. I was super bummed about this day coming - the first Monday without a mid-week holiday interruption in, what? 3 weeks? That sounds right.

But, this morning wasn't depressing. Right now, I am not unhappy about starting this new year. Usually, I start off the year  with the resolution to drop pounds. This is it! This is the year that I will be 30 lbs lighter! Well, not this year, folks. I am 12 pounds lighter this January than I was on January 1, 2013. While that is significantly less than my goal was, I'm not unhappy about it. So this year, that is NOT my resolution. In fact, I resolve not to go on a diet in 2014 at all. I'm not giving myself free reign here, just the freedom not to follow a meal plan, not to adhere to set list of foods, or certain calorie restrictions. I will exercise and eat mindfully. But that's it, folks. No diet 2014!

My main resolution for 2014 has to do with Knitting. I love knitting. I usually knit at least 1-2 hours every night, and it is almost always the reason I stay up later than I should. I've been seriously knitting for 3 years, since my pregnancy, but 2014 is the year that I become an accomplished knitter. I resolve to follow patterns, to learn new things with every pattern that I undertake. I resolve to finish that I start. I resolve to swatch. I resolve buy yarn only with a project in mind, and not to buy yarn simply because I like how squooshy it is. I will post all my projects on Ravelry. I resolve not to pick up some needles and yarn, and cast on with nothing in mind. I have too many cowls/scarves that are boring. I resolve to make a piece of adult size clothing that fits. I resolve to make at least one blanket. I resolve to participate in my local yarn shop's community, to make more connections with others who love this craft as much as I do. I resolve to knit from my extensive yarn stash! Knitting 2014!

Also, 2014 means a new season of the Bachelor. I resolve... to watch it as usual. Juan Pablo may very well be a disaster, but I am going to enjoy every minute of it! Who's watching?

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  1. I'm watching! Yayyyy Bachelor!!! And also, I need to follow your resolutions when it comes to quilting. Stash is too arbitrary right now - I need to use up what I have rather than continuing to buy fabrics just because I like them. Now to find time to actually work on projects... Happy 2014!