Friday, January 31, 2014

Frenchie McKnitsalot's knitting resolutions

I am doing so well. 1 month into the new year, and my resolution to knit in a more challenging way is going quite well, so far. I still have one project that I started this year that I have yet to finish because it's gotten a bit boring, but the rest go on and off the needles quickly, mostly because I've been so challenged by the patterns that they are keeping my interest.

This is Little Honey for Mia. It is a really nice pattern for a top-down sweater, and while I was doing the neck and sleeve shaping, it really did keep my interest. But now, I'm just doing the sleeves and the endless stripes and knit stitch makes it a bit boring. Hopefully, the next time we pop in a complicated movie, it'll get finished. Once I finished the body, I tried it on Mia and it runs REALLY big, so that might be one of the reasons I am not motivated to finish up.

 A quick little distraction for me while I was in the middle of the body of the above Little Honey was this little turban headband. It was intended for my niece, Danielle, but this too, turned out huge so it is just on Mia's head. I made another, significantly smaller one, for Danielle. It is all ready to ship out as a little Valentine's day present!

 This is an infinity scarf that I finished up before the end of the year, not technically a 2014 project, but I've been wearing it almost every day that I can hardly let it go unmentioned. It's very loosely knit, and I just sort of winged the different stitches. It loops twice around, and is really handy to wear over a sweater during this very mild Las Vegas winter.

This is my Block of the Month blanket project. The idea is, you knit one block every month, and by the end of the year, you've got 12, enough for a blanket. I decided to try doing 2 per month, to double the size of the blanket. I've done 1, and am at 1/2 of the second block. It takes so little time, that I could honestly sit down and finish that second block tonight if I REALLY cared about staying on track for 2 blocks per month. Hmm... maybe I will.

Lastly, and most triumphantly, here is a triangular lace edged shawl that I am giving my grandmother for her 90th birthday. (The one we are taking the trip to France for?) It is really beautiful, and I hope she loves it. It took me less than a week, because, again, I was so captivated by the pattern that I couldn't put it down. It's a merino wool yarn, and it's hand-dyed, which is why the color is a bit varied. What you can't see in the pictures is that there's a bit of silver thread woven into the yarn, so it has a bit of a shimmer to it. Really beautiful.

So that's it! One month, 5 projects on needles, and only 2 remain to be finished! I'm doing well. Yesterday, I just casted on a scarf for my French uncle using the most scrumtious yarn I've ever bought. It's not far along enough to deserve any pictures. Any knitters out there? Friend me on Ravelry! My name is AttyAnais.

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