Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Picking it up

While nothing at work has actually been resolved, I did get paid (sigh of relief) so at least there's that. And even before I walked back into my office after lunch and found a lovely little envelope sitting on my desk, I was already feeling better.

It's amazing how you ( or... I ) can feel so down, and then decide that it's over. I find that I get myself most unhappy when I feel like I'm losing control, so just a few things getting back in hand makes a world of difference. Driving home, making a lovely dinner (sauteed salmon with quinoa, yellow pepper, tomato and feta salad) that your two and a half year old eats, making a chocolate pie (recipe on my pinterest board) and eating once slice while watching the Bachelor's hometown dates, and getting up half an hour early this morning to do yoga was just the ticket.

Here's hoping the work issues resolve themselves, and I can move on to whatever presents itself next week.

Does anyone care to hear more of my thoughts on this season's Bachelor? No? Maybe next time.

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