Sunday, June 1, 2014

MILP #349, week ending in June 1st

Back to rounding things up once again!

Alice in wonderland focuses on Noah.

But I do and her family fall in love with America's most tropical destination... DE. No, really! It looked awesome.

CP reveals Blue Frosting!

Magic Cookie heads to Brown for her 15th Reunion!

Cowgirl in the City passed the bar, got sworn in, and is now on the hunt for the elusive "real job". (I'm still looking for mine...)

Grace translates some Lis converations. Cucumber, I'm totally stealing that one!

Kate breaks up bar study logs with some dog time.

LL makes some food, and puts baby in a corner pen.

Mommy Madness hits up some museums, "farms" and doctor's offices.

RG finds some adorable matching outfits for her three, as one does with three boys.

The Queen of Hats gets some help dealing with elephants, in a skirt.

Perfect Yellow Yolk hopes for the best and posts a store that I have yet to read, since it comes with a weeping warning. We're all crossing our fingers for your little chick! (Get it? Because you're an Egg?? I'm clever.)

Daisy, JD has dubbed this the summer of slaw. I personally think slaw is underrated, and fully support this endeavor.

kderoll has trouble keeping clothes on. Or, Blue Jay does. I say, embrace the nudity. Not helpful?

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