Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mia at 3

Today (backdated... I blame pregnancy) Mia is 3 years old!

I can't believe it's only been a short three years since she's been with us. But at the same time, I have no idea how B and I were ever busy before she was around. Mia's birthday may be today, but the celebrating has gone on for what seems like ages. We started off the month with a little birthday celebration in Chicago, with the in-laws. Mia and her cousins were the only children, but they were certainly entertained and thrilled with the cake. All Mia asked for was a "pink" cake, and her request was granted three separate times!

So far, three seems like it will be the most challenging age we have faced. I doubt we are the exception to this rule, but I have a feeling that "Terrible Twos" are a misnomer. Three seems to be the age where opinions turn into demands, and there is no logic to those wants. Bedtime, mealtime, playtime... everything has been turned upside down in the past few months, and B and I have yet to get the hang of it.

Mia continues to be very sweet, but cuddle time is scarce. She'll still sit on our laps on occasion, but only when television is involved. If you ask for a hug, she'll happily oblige. Her sweetness is still there, though. She has a lot of empathy, and this part of her personality surprised me while I was in the thick of my morning sickness. She would be very concerned if I wasn't feeling well, and brought me various stuffed animals and blankets to make me "feel better". She's been a Mama's girl for the longest time, but it looks like her attachment to her Papa is getting strong. B has been training for the past couple of months, so he leaves earlier in the mornings and gets home later in the evenings. This has not slipped by her, and she often asks where her Papa is. B is never home past 7, and she always welcomes him with so much enthusiasm, I'm almost jealous. But mostly grateful, considering the shift in attention she'll be getting about 5 months from now.

Frozen started the Disney Princess obsession, and while we have thankfully gotten the Frozen viewings to once every few weeks, Mia has gone full blown princess. I don't know how this happened, or whether we encouraged it at any time, but Mia is now a princess, who only likes to wear skirts or dresses. I can still get a pair of shorts on her, but she prefers sometime that has a little twirl to it. Oh, and did I mention PINK?Because it must be pink.

While the newness of being a Mom to Mia may be wearing off, I am still the happiest I could be. I still get pangs of missing her during the day, but no longer feel any guilt about having put her in full time daycare. She loves her friends and teachers, and is clearly secure with her life and family.

Mia, we love you so much. Happy 3rd Birthday!

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