Friday, May 23, 2014

12 weeks!

I hit the twelve week mark on Wednesday. It feels like I've been counting down to 13 weeks ever since my first brush with nausea at 6 weeks, but it's finally on the horizon!

Symptoms: While the nausea and vomiting has subsided (for the past couple of days -- I could have a repeat of the respite, but I'm hoping this is it), what has shown up are these lovely headaches that settle in around 4pm. Really, really, painful headaches. I've tried switching back to an old pair of glasses, delaying my daily caffeinated beverage until closer to my headache onset time, and pairing it with tylenol. So far, these methods have shown limited successes, but only as to the intensity of the headache. Some of the tiredness is subsiding, but that could be because I've had doctor's appointments in the morning for the past couple of days, and have been able to lounge around for an extra hour every morning before taking myself to the doctor, and then work.

Cravings: My appetite has been pretty low in the past few weeks, but while driving from my Doctor's appointment to work today, I suddenly had an incredibly intense craving for egg salad. Not 5 minutes later, I saw a sign for a Brooklyn Style Deli, and I pulled my little car in there and was terribly satisfied by Dijon Egg Salad on Sourdough bread. It was fantastic and I haven't felt nauseous in the least since indulging.

Everything went well at the Doctor's visits. I have a bladder infection, which was the norm during my Pregnancy #1 days, and then frequently afterwards so this is absolutely no surprise to me. What did surprise me is that I actually had this bladder infection after my 8 week visit, but nobody called to tell me. So, we're treating this bladder infection NOW, 4 weeks later. Thanks, new Doctor. I am not going to rant about this now, but this is one of the reasons I am considering looking for a new practice. I switched from my original OB because I was unhappy with that practice's management, but it's looking like this might be a trend on OB offices in Las Vegas... I did get to take another peek at this little fetus, and it is looking much less like a bug and much more like a baby. First Trimester screen is looking normal after the ultrasound results, so I am very grateful for that. All other genetic tests also came back negative. I even had them try to take a peek between the legs, but they weren't able to see anything just yet.

The next ultrasound is scheduled for July 9th, and I am [im]patiently going to wait until then to find out if my instincts that this is a boy are correct. In reality, my instincts are a whole bunch of crap, because I felt incredibly strongly that I was having a boy the 1st time around, and I did not. Also, anytime I try to "guess" the sex of anyone else's pregnancy, I am always, always wrong. I've actually had a couple of vivid dreams of having a boy baby, though. If that means anything. Also, in my dream, this baby's name was George. Which, would never have been on my list but now is (because pregnancy dreams always make so much sense).

So, that's it! Weekend time! Mia turns three on Sunday!

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  1. Yay for making it to 12 weeks! Sorry about the headaches. I hope they get better soon. So excited to see what you are having :) With my second baby, I ALWAYS thought I had bladder infections. I felt the symptoms all the time. But I never did. My tests came back negative. Then two months later, I had kidney stones! It was the worst thing ever....ugh!