Monday, May 5, 2014

First Trimester Respite

Somehow, my body allowed me to have a two day break from the dreaded First Trimester Icks. It was glorious, but as I started letting myself relax, eat and think that I might have gotten through the worst of it, it came back in full force on Sunday night at 5pm (and has lasted through this morning). EMBRYO, YOU FOOLED ME!

I woke up on Saturday morning without the normal feeling of dread. It could be because it was already past 8am, my husband and Mia were on their way back from fetching me some fresh everything bagels, but I didn't perform my usual mad dash to the bathroom, and cautiously proceeded with my day. We had very little planned: laundry, groceries, and a trip to Target to find Mia a "Big Sister" shirt. We plan on having Mia wearing her T-Shirt when we touchdown in Chicago on Friday, and seeing how long it takes for B's family to put two and two together. [Spoiler Alert, they don't have them at Target. We had to go to Carter's to find one.] We went grocery shopping, where only a few things made me look away in disgust (Yes, I mean you, chicken and tomato sauce). I was motivated enough to make us a lovely dinner (semi-prepared dinner, Trader Joe's Herb and Garlic Marinated Sirloin Steak with Chimichurri Sauce) with brown rice and green beans. I looked up at B at the end of the day, and pointed out that I had officially gone 24 hours without hunching over a toilet bowl. Hurray! And then, I added: "Maybe something's wrong? Oh, crap." Because, of course that's where a pregnant woman's mind goes.

Sunday morning, we had a bit bigger of a day planned. Big Bank was one of the sponsors for The AFAN Aids Walk, and we had signed up ages ago to participate. We walked it in about an hour and a half, so it was totally manageable and while I was tired at the end of the day, I can hardly classify it as strenuous. It was fun, though! There were a bunch of people from B's work participating, and while everyone kind of dispersed after the walk, it was a pretty fun atmosphere to be a part of. Mia enjoyed the sights of the UNLV campus from her stroller.

While I am lamenting the return of the morning (and afternoon) sickness, accompanied by some pretty serious stomach cramps (I'm sure it's my stomach and not my uterus), I am grateful to have had a nice little break where I was able to think about actually living life in the present, rather than completely focused on this pregnancy and its current side effects. Whoever said that in your second pregnancy, you will sometimes forget that you're pregnant was clearly NOT in their first trimester.

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