Wednesday, June 18, 2014

16 Weeks!

Feeling generally well at this point, with very occasional  waves of gagging that do not lead to any actual vomiting, so... hurray! I am definitely getting bigger, though thankfully have not yet gained any actual pounds (which is good, since I was overweight at the point of getting pregnant). I do feel like I am shrinking in the thigh/butt/arm fat region, which I credit to a combination of the first 13 weeks of wanting to eat nothing, and now to the feeling of fullness much sooner, thanks to everything getting smooshed into my belly region.

The belly though, it is growing. I am in maternityy pants full time, and am really starting to push it with the non-maternity yet longer shirts. I have a picture, but it's in the bathroom. So forgive the fact that it is in the bathroom and be thankful that my full form is blocking the view of the toilet. Sometimes, like in the below picture, immediately after lunch it is like... BAM PREGNANT. And sometimes, it's like... BAM, TOO MUCH ICE CREAM.

Just this morning, as I was getting myself ready (blissfully alone!), I noticed that I am starting to grow a beard. It's more like very fine, blond sideburns that are extending into the mutton chop region, but it's there, and I definitely didn't have that before. It's not terribly surprising or upsetting, since I am the proud waxer of a shestache but it is pretty unfortunate. I am hoping this isn't something that sticks around after giving birth. 

Also, earlier this week my nails started falling apart, which was somewhat alarming since my nails were so strong and long during my first trimester. I also had a big chunk of hair fall out in after the shower this weekend, which of course, made me absolutely convinced that my baby had died for about 12 hours, until I felt some movement again. Well, I guess I still don't have 100% confirmation that I am in fact a crazy pregnant lady, since its very possible I've been feeling gas or digestion for the past couple of weeks. I'm not REALLY worried though, I haven't had any other symptoms but I am glad to have a doctor's appointment tomorrow to confirm my craziness.

We are making absolutely no progress on the name front.Well, I'm lying. We actually have had a girl name since long before getting pregnant for a second time, but we have no standouts for boys. My initial instinct of George for a boy is fading, since I haven't had any more dreams. B and I went in to our first anatomy ultrasound with 3 girl names and 3 boy names, and had settled on Mia's name about 3 hours after finding out she was a girl. I don't think this will be happening the second time around. Not that it HAS to, but you know. One less thing.

One of my best friends had her baby this morning (at a week past due!), and he is so cute and it is definitely getting me a lot more excited to be progressing. December 3rd still seems really far away!

Post doctor's appointment update: Everything is good, heartbeat present, baby rolling around, nails falling apart is a mere quirk. Crazy Pregnant Lady Status Confirmed.

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