Monday, June 9, 2014

On the cusp of 15 weeks

I am reluctant to type it, but here it is anyway: I am feeling rather well. Really, quite quite well. Yes, I still get exhausted, but that can simply be chalked up to the whole "growing a human is a lot of work" business. But generally, my energy is coming back, my appetite is back, my aversions are dissipating pretty well, and I am generally entering a good phase of pregnancy. I am starting to feel some movement on a regular basis, too! So that's been fun.

The Belly though! It is present. I am surprised at its very sudden emergence this week. It was there last week, but it looked like a whole lotta pudge. But a few days ago, its taken on a very round and pregnant character. I mean, I think it's significantly rounder than it probably should be at this stage of pregnancy, but it is number two, after all. But it is here, and it is not hiding. I am exclusively in maternity pants, and I can still pull off loose, long, billowy non-maternity shirts, but I am quickly running out of options. Today's maxi dress is pushing the office dress code a little bit, but it is one of the few items of clothing that will definitely cover everything up. While I did keep all of my maternity wear from Pregnancy #1, I was pregnant on the opposite schedule, so all of the maternity clothing appropriate for this earlier stage are long sleeve, and my summer maternity shirts look like tents on this size bump. So to Old Navy's maternity section I will go in the next few days.

I went to my first Prenatal Yoga class this weekend, and that was great fun. I was probably one of the least far along attendees, but I really enjoyed it. It's offered through the hospital at which I plan to deliver, so it's very low cost and casual. It was tiring, but certainly not a yoga class that you walk out of drenched in sweat, so it will definitely be manageable on a weekly basis.

It was overall a pretty great weekend. Errands, a bit of fun, cleaning and organizing (nesting is starting! I love the productivity of nesting), and Roscoe training!

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  1. You feel movement already?! That's awesome! It took me forever to feel anything this time around (probably started at 19 weeks) and it's my third! So glad you feel better!