Monday, July 7, 2014

Moving Forward

Despite the relative silence around here, everything's going just fine. Yes, we had some news to deal with and things were a bit sad for a few days there. But, we're fine and everyone's settled back into a nice little routine. B was pretty salty for a couple of days there, but I think he's doing his best not to let his mind go to any bad places. He's going to go back to a job he was good at, kill it, and make a move in a few months (after this baby is born).

Otherwise, we had a nice little 4th of July weekend. We saw some friends, saw some fireworks, and generally had a lovely time.  Not as restful as this Monday morning would like, but such is life. Sometime in the past week and a half, I managed to somehow injure my back, despite doing no exercise whatsoever, so I start physical therapy today. While I actually think it's mostly healed (my Doctor suggested going back to sleeping on my back for a few days, and that seems to have mostly done the trick), I'm keeping my PT appointment since I work for a Healthcare company that offers Physical Therapy and it would be silly not to walk out of my office and across the hall for... whatever it is he's going to have me do.

On a more exciting note, we should find out the sex of Baby #2 tomorrow!!

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