Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When's the last time you went swimming outdoors in February (while remaining in the continental US)? 

My brother and his girlfriend came to stay with us this week. They came in on Wednesday and I dropped them off at the airport an hour earlier than I usually wake up this morning. It was fun to have them around, and Mia especially loved having some new people to entertain with her party tricks. The highlight of their time here was an overnight trip to Palm Springs. We left early Friday morning and left on Saturday afternoon. It was about 36 hours of vacation, which was both too short but also the perfect amount of time to be completely refreshed.

I would go into more detail about the trip, but I realize that all we really did was

1) eat:

(and drink)

this is the only decent picture of the three of us, and it is... not decent.
2) lounge by the pool:

3) Eat some more. (not pictured)

4) Drive through the desert:

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