Wednesday, February 13, 2013

House of Cards ... and Hair.

Have you guys watched House of Cards yet? It's the new Netflix-produced series that is now available on Netflix streaming. I'm not sure whether there are other places you can watch it. Well, if you haven't, you probably should. Because it's actually really awesome.

Kevin Spacey plays a Congressman who is also the House Majority Whip, and political drama and intrigue ensues. It's exactly B's style of television show, and I am generally a sucker for a good dramatic television of any kind. We started watching it this weekend, and we only have two episodes left to go. When we first heard that Netflix was producing its own series, we weren't sure whether they would release all the episodes at once, or if they might actually try to be more like a television network, releasing a new episode every week. They did release all of them at once, embracing what is most awesome about watching television episodes on Netflix (aka, allowing us viewers to stream episodes non-stop, schedule permitting). All the characters are so driven by their own desire for power, it's one of those shows that don't make you feel bad about your own moderate success (unlike my feeling of overall inadequacy when watching the first season of Girls).

More importantly, can I pull off Robin Wright's hair? (I've been considering a major hair change. B is not convinced, but men always like long hair so I don't take his opinion too seriously.)

Photos courtesy of Robin Wright's Facebook Page
Here is the other option I am considering:

Photo courtesy of Pinterest
Lastly, for ease of input, here is what my hair looks like right now, in a not-flattering photo I've taken in the middle of this writing blog post.
Would it have killed me to put on some lip goss before snapping this pic, and maybe smiling a bit? The answer is YES.

In other Netflix related news, here are some other programs that have been streamed on the weekends:

World Without End, based on Ken Follett's novel, and a pseudo-sequel to his Pillars of the Earth. Excellent, if you're into period stories. B was not a big fan, but I secretly like that so that I have something to stream while he is at work on Saturdays.

American Horror Story, Season 1. I got on the American Horror Story bandwagon way too late this year. I noticed it on Netflix and watched the entire first season over the span of a couple of weeks, but by that time, it was already way too close to the Season 2 finale to catch up. I'm [im]patiently waiting for the "new episodes" icon to pop up on my screen so that I can catch up.

We've tried Breaking Bad, and it has surprised me how difficult it's been for me to get sucked in. I'm usually pretty easy to engage, but we've watched two episodes without feeling the need to go any further into the series. I'm not one to miss out on something everyone seems to like, but I'm not convinced on this one. What else do I need to add to my instant queue? And also, seriously, tell me what you think I should do with my hair. I am not afraid.


  1. I also was not a Breaking Bad fan. Have you tried Homeland? I gushed about it on someone's blog and now I can't remember whose. I love that show. Also...Mad Men....amazing!

    Both cute hair styles! They both look hard to maintain to me (but I know jack about hair). I say live on the wild side and just go with one! :)

  2. It depends how much effort you want to put into your new do. I think either would look stunning on you. The first will be easier to do on a daily basis--trust me, a little styling product like a cream based pomade (wax is too hard to wash out imho) and you'd be good to go. If you want more volume, flip head over and use a medium to extra (depends on your preference)hold aerosol hairspray, wait a few secs and flip back, then arrange with fingers as you see fit. This cut's downside is that once you decide on short, you have to keep cutting it every 3-4 weeks max! 3 weeks would be best. That's where I get in trouble. I'm lucky to get in every 6 weeks.

    As for the second, it's a cut you could go longer in between trims and salon visits for, but it looks like higher daily maintenance. I wouldn't know for sure, but guessing at the wave sizes, I'd say jumbo sponge curls you sleep in after showering at night, or jumbo hot rollers every morning. Or one of those tools they sell on late night infomercials that is like a hot rounded iron that rolls the hair around and around itself until you release the button. Again, not too bad, but not as easy as product and go.

  3. I like the color for you. I think it would have a nice softening effect.