Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend marks the last of having a stay at home babysitter. My Mom has been with us since before Thanksgiving patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting for her fingerprint appointment for her green card renewal. We've had the benfits of 1) having a nanny, and therefore having both my hands free at work, 2)having a person in our house who hates having dirty dishes in the sink, and therefore having all of our baby bottles clean, at all times. and 3)someone to go out and do things with while B watches football.

We commemorated the weekend by having multiple and mostly mundane activities that made weekends oh-s- fun. On Friday afternoon, I started by taking a 2 hour lunch out of the office, something that will be accomplished with difficulty once Mia returns to her status of Working-Baby. I met up with my "cousins" (in the Filipino sense) and had a glorious lunch at DW Bistro, an awesome restaurant - trendy but delicious - the exact type of restaurant that I miss going to in Chicago.

On Saturday, my Mom, Mia and I went down to Fashion Show Mall, which is an enormous mall on the Strip that does impromptu fashion shows featuring one of its stores. It was nothing terribly exciting, but Mia watched the catwalk with great suspicion and interest. On Saturday night, B and I had our last "parents night out" in what I imagine will be quite some time. We met up with Juliet and Romeo, as well as two of our other friends for a Japanese Evening - a Sushi dinner, followed by Karaoke! Juliet and Romeo took us to this awesome dive bar that they frequented pre-parenthood, and we all had a great time. Cheap drinks, dim lighting, everything you would expect from a total dive. Also something that I thought no longer existed amidst the Trysts, Taos, and Wet Republics that dominate the Las Vegas bar scene. B was thrilled to find it. Not that we'll become regulars, but, nevertheless, it's nice to know that we do still live in a city, rather than a suburb that surrounds the Strip.

On Sunday, we relaxed, enjoyed the baby, knitted (me), watched football (B) and did the massive amounts of laundry that I have managed to delay since we got back from France. Next weekend, a wedding, and then, back to the reality of being a Parent from Work Mom!

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