Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Job

Not a new job, not really. I'm still doing what I do.

But, a couple of days ago, my boss comes in to my office ranting about our HR clerk. He's decided enough is enough, and she is going to get fired. I've been saying for ages that we need a proper HR person, not just someone's neice who keeps telling everyone she's going to law school, but two years later, she's still misprinting paychecks and forgetting to inform our insurance company when people are no longer with the company. Anyway, this is her last week.
Then, he said: "You can handle HR, right?"

Um... yes?

So, yes. I am now in charge of Human Resources. Thankfully, I will not be doing things like printing paychecks and keeping track of vacation time and sick time, but otherwise, it's all me. I will, however, be maintaining personel files, insurance and other things that I don't know about yet.

I've also decided that I'd like to implement things like an Employee of the Quarter program (month seems like way to often, considering the number of employees we have), Staff Appreciation Days, and other things like that. Which is where you all come in! I'd love to hear about what kind of programs your companies have in place that you like, or things you don't like. OK, GO!

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