Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super Tuesday

This morning, I woke up, did yoga with a baby trying desperately to use my leg as a pull up device, showered, got to work, and had a flurry of productivity. It's now lunchtime, and I've checked 5 things off my week's to-do list. Other to dos:

-Find a House to Rent. When we moved to Vegas, we planned to stay in our apartment for a year and move out in October. Well, that date came and went and we extended our least for 6 more months. Our new lease is up April 1st. I desperately want to leave, since we've definitely outgrown our apartment. There are tons of great houses for rent out there, and I'm sure there's a perfect 3 bedroom, not over 1,700 square foot house out there for the same amount we are currently spending on our apartment. B does not want to pack, nor does he want to spend for movers. I sad, with a few volunteers, we might be able to do it ourselves. This also did not go over well. Hopefully, when February rolls around and we start looking at houses, his motivation gets kicked up.

-Take more photos, with a real camera. I downloaded Instagram to my iPhone and spent way too much time yesterday taking and editing pictures. I have a feeling you're all going to be treated to quite a few Instagram-ed photos from here on out, starting with these:

-Read "The Manager's Guide to HR" from cover to cover. By the end of the week, I'll officially be the only HR person on staff. On Monday, I performed my first HR duties and mediated an argument between an employee and his supervisor. All is well, everyone is keeping their jobs, everyone will try to communicate more.

-Watch the following Oscar Nominated films: 1) The Descendants (I'm reading the book right now). I love that the girl from Secreat Life of an American Teen (a guilty pleasure I am usually afraid to own up to) is in it, and that she was nominated for a Golden Globe. 2) Hugo. It looked pretty strange and unappealing in the previews, but Time magazine said it was one of the top things of 2011. So, I'll add it to my to-do list. 3) The Ides of March.  I watched this last night, actually. I love me some Ryan Gosling. I liked it a lot, but it was definitely not what I expected. I thought this would be an uplifting story about working for a political candidate, but... it was not so uplifting. Still good. and Ryan Gosling was still sexy. 4) The Artist - I am French. I should probably see this. I loved the acceptance speeches by the Actor and the Composer of this film. 5) War Horse. This is B's pick. He says, and I quote: "There aren't enough movies about WWI". Totally.

-Finish the baby sweater I just started and am feeling totally challenged by. I finished one side of a sweater and found it to be too simple, so I unravelled it and picked up a more complicated cable knit pattern. This will 100% be the most complicated thing I've knit to date, once it's finished. I'm using a beautiful merino and cashmere blend, so Miss Mia is going to be stylin'. I'd better finish before the weather turns too warm.

A work in progress
-Write and send thank you notes for Mia's X-mas gifts. We got quite a few, but I want to at least write notes to those who actually mailed theirs, to let them know that we received them. We got a couple of packages of belated gifts this weekend, which was a super surprise. A picture of one of Mia's dresses from her Grandpa:

Pretty Hearts dress - Please note that she pulled herself up on the coffee table in order to get one of her hair clips and promptly put it in her mouth.
Happy Tuesday!

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