Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Guilty Pleasures: The Bachelor

When I returned from our vacation, I felt the same childlike excitement of Christmas morning when I saw that I had the first episode of the Bachelor waiting for me. I actually jumped in the Bachelor/Bachelorette bandwagon pretty late, but I can officially say that I cannot get enough of what happens to these men and women. Stockholm syndrome at its best. I wathed Monday's episode with my Mom and Brother and they were both making fun of me for smiling while watching. I had no idea I did that! Must remind myself not to watch with non-family.

For the Brad Womack II season, I loved a couple of the girls pretty quickly. Shawntelle (the undertaker) and Emily were charming and lovely. Probably too good for Brad (who wants to know you, badly), but hey, they wanted him. I was genuinely sad for After the Rose when things were visibly awful between Brad and Emily.

Ashley's season was out of control entertaining. The whole Bentley fiasco for the first half of the season was pure gold. Once the men had been whittled down a bit, I may have fallen slightly in love with Ames and Ben. I preferred Ames, but that probably wouldn't have worked, since a lot of people thought he was uber-weird. When they announced Ben was coming back as the Bachelor, I was seriously counting down the months.

Now, to the point of this blog post. Ben the Bachelor is in its second episode, and so far, I am not impressed. His preferred girls so far are... too obvious. He's smitten with the cackling model, he made out with horse-face, he likes horse girl who had to tell everyone that she'd rather smear dirt on her face than wear this pretty dresses and make up, and he got rid of the psycho Carrie Bradshaw impersonator! I was really hoping she would stick around and entertain us for a while. Plus, Ben is not yet charming. It took him a while to warm up with Ashley, so I'm guessing it will take a little while this time around too. Here's hoping things get a bit more exciting.

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