Monday, October 17, 2011

SBD Week 3

I've been a bit of an absent blogger this past week, but we are in SLEEP REGRESSION CITY. Mia has taken to napping for only 20 minutes at a time, and waking up at 4am without going back down until almost 6am. I cannot physicall function on that little sleep, so I go back to sleep when she does and then I can't wake up. I need to grow up and realize that it's part of being an adult and a parent, but instead, I act like a college student who can sleep until 20 minutes before class. So yeah, it wasn't a great week. My LOST obsession has not yet subsided, and I am in the 6th and final season. I am trying to fit in as many episodes as I can so that this can STOP.

So, back to Weight Loss blogging. I'm starting week 4 of South Beaching, and I've been midly successful. I'm down to an 8 pound loss. That's a good number, but I haven't lost any weight for the past week. This is where it starts to get dangerous for me. If I don't get that positive reinforcement of seeing the numbers go down, I start to lose my resolve. On Saturday, B came home saying that he wanted a chocolate chip cookie. I said I would bake him some. He said, he wanted it to be double chocolate (chocolate batter plus chocolate chips). I said, No problem. He said, I want it to be big, like the ones from Panera. I said, Sure, why not? Yeah. Bad idea. Instead of cheating by having one regular sized cookie, I had one GIANT double chocolate cookie, the size of my hand. That lead to having pizza for dinner.

I woke up this morning and told myself that every day, you have a clean slate. Just because I messed up this weekend (and last weekend, when Juliet Cap and I shared two pitchers of Sangria (with a third person). I resolve, not to beat myself up over any slip ups, but I do have to stop sleeping until right before I have to leave, so that I can actually fit in a work out!

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  1. Oh that sounds rough. I am all about the positive reinforcement, and also have been getting none of it from my scale the last two weeks. DM is begging me to make Tiramasu cupcakes and I go to Hawaii this week. Looks dangerous!