Monday, April 16, 2012

Family-wide daycare plague

Well, it turns out that my hopes for a painless return to normalcy last Friday was not to be. Mia continued to be sick throughout Thursday night, which prompted me to take her to the pediatrician on Friday morning and taking one for the team. We decided the night before that since B's salary is commission-based, I'd take a second sick day in a row. At the pediatrician, we found out that Mia had, in addition to a stomach bug, a second installment of Strep Throat. So, on the way to the pharmacy to pick up the antibiotics, I started to feel very very ill. As soon as we got through the door of our apartment, I was surprised to find B sitting on the couch looking miserable, and I barely had the time to thrust Mia into his arms before making it in time to the bathroom.

So, we spent the next few days all basking in our independent miserableness. While I was "sick" all day Friday, B waited until 1am to take his turn sitting on the floor of the bathroom. Luckily, the adult version of this stomach bug only lasted about 24 hours, so by Sunday, we were all relatively vomit-free and enjoyed fitting significantly less snugly into our respective pants. This morning, we all returned to our regularly scheduled programming. B's at the Bank, Mia's at Daycare, and I'm at work. Exhausted, but presumably a lot less miserable than we all were.

The joys of daycare.


  1. I hope Mia feels better soon! It totally sucks to have to worry about arranging sick days when one of your kids is sick and all you really should worry about is getting better!

    1. Thanks, CP! She does seem to be doing better (despite a bit more vomit last night...)!