Friday, April 20, 2012

Bullet point Friday

I wanted to write a Whatnot Wednesday (on Thursday) but since that sort of defeats the point and I don't have the motivation to write anything more substantial, I will write a Bullet point Friday, instead.

  • I have yet to take down Mia's pack 'n play in my office. It's behind a closet door, along with the extra exersaucer, so it isn't bothering anyone, but still. It should be at home, in a closet, rather than at work, in a closet. Part of me thinks that I might be needing it again. She's bound to get sick again pretty soon, and I may not be able to take a sick day! Mostly though, I'm just being lazy. Those portable cribs are so heavy, and my office is on the second floor. I keep trying to convince B to drive over and pick it up on one of his days off, but so far, nada.
  • Speaking of my new office, the lighting throughout the entire space is hooked up to those motion sensor switches, where you walk into a room and the light turns on. This is fine, for most of the space, except my personal office. I sit at my desk and work on my computer, I'm not constantly getting up and moving around. So the light turns off. All the time. In the morning, when the sun is on my side of the building, it's fine. But in the afternoons, I look like a crazy person periodically waving my arms around.
  • I had a momentary period of drama on Tuesday afternoon when B called me from work (he never calls from work) and asked how difficult it would be to change his departing flight to Chicago. Something about a scheduling conflict and his manager begging him to stay for at least part of the day, despite previously approving his day off request. After very nearly losing my mind at the prospect of carrying a car seat, stroller, baby and carry on luggage throughout the airport, entertaining a baby by myself for four hours and then collecting the car seat, stroller and luggage on my own, it turned out fine and we didn't have to make any switches. So everything's on schedule, despite prompting some concern from my co-workers when I was yelling at him on the phone.
  • Last Friday, when I picked Mia up from daycare, I found an "art project" that had Mia's name on it in her backpack. My first instinct was that the teacher accidentally put someone else's art project in her bag, so I double checked. "No, that's definitely your Mia's!", the teacher informed me with a smile. It's a bunch of cotton balls, dipped in paint, and glued to a piece of green construction paper. I believe that she dunked cotton balls in paint, but beyond that, I'm skeptical. We put it up on the fridge anyway, because, well, what if our baby is actually a genius?
  • Mia turns 11 months next week, and our biggest development is... drum roll please... she's finally growing a tooth! Everyone has been quite concerned that because both of her parents are missing their upper lateral incisors (both B and I had them as baby teeth, but the adult version never came. Mine are just... missing and I wore braces to close the gap, and B's baby teeth never fell out, so he's got tiny lateral incisors), Mia may not have teeth at all. But, all is well, as her little right bottom tooth is poking through, and the second one is closely following it. She has yet to let me take a picture of it, though.
  • Chloe the Beagle is doing fine. No better, no worse. We've made the commitment to taking her out as often as possible, whenever we're around. She goes out as soon as I get home, for her evening walk, and once more immediately before bed. We had to add the extra walk at the very end of the night because she had taken to urinating in her crate as we were all settling into bed, which is easily avoided by snapping her leash on and walking down the stairs in our PJs. No big deal, and it saves huge amounts of frustration (and laundry).
  • I've been saving my thoughts on daycare for a longer post, and I'll probably still do it, but so far, I'm pretty happy with everything. Except for our unpleasant weekend, Mia's been doing beautifully and seems to be adjusting well. B is supposed to do all the pickups and drop offs since he's so close, but I end up going to pick her up about half the time, despite the extra driving. I hate thinking of her being there when I'm perfectly capable of driving the extra 15 minutes. I like to come into the center and see her busily playing with one thing or another, it makes me feel much better about what she's up to all day. B says that I'm "wasting gas", but whatever. I drive a hybrid!

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