Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Two nights sleep forward, one night back.

Before I jump in to my chosen topic, let me just address Juliet's night. That sucks. Your apartment complex seems so safe, but maybe now they'll learn to actually shut those gates! Our apartment complex neighbors may not be the classiest bunch, but I have never felt unsafe. We did hear a nice screaming fight in the middle of the night a few times, but I don't think any cops were called. I tried my darndest to eavesdrop, but it wasn't dangerous. Those neighbors have since moved out. I'll make sure we refasten the pepper spray to my key chain -- you never know.

Now, at the risk of sounding trite... I was up until all hours of the night too! But for very different reason. A hint as to the culprit: chunky thighs, can stand without holding on to anything, and no teeth. (I have chunky thighs, but I also have teeth, so guess again!)

This weekend, Mia slept through the night. On Saturday night, she slept from her usual bedtime of 8:30 until around 7 the next morning. B forcibly graciously woke up with her and let me sleep in. By the time I manged to get myself out of bed to make our weekly sunday breakfast (this week: Filipino breakfast. Fried rice, bacon and eggs.) Mia was wide awake and very happy. She refused to go down for a morning nap, which I was very much insisting on so that Mia didn't give our friends a hard time while we went to see THE HUNGER GAMES. She refused, but at least slept the 15 minutes it took to get to their house in her carseat, so reports that she continued to be friendly and fun were perhaps not fabricated.

Let me diverge for a moment to say The Hunger Games movie was excellent, and it definitely lived up to the hype (both created by my head and, you know... everyone else). It was by far my favorite first installment of a major book series to movie adaptation. My only other comparisons are really Harry Potter and Twilight, but still. In my opinion, the first Hunger Games book is the best of the trilogy, unlike the Harry Potters which only get better and better and better. B policy is not to read fiction, so he hadn't read the books, but the story is so exciting, I just knew he would love the story. He did. He immediately snatched up my Kindle when we got home and started reading. (He did the same thing when we came back from watching Half Blood Prince) He has spent the past two evenings ignoring me and making me ridiculously jealous that he is getting to read them for the first time. But I enjoyed the movie immensely, and I am so mad at myself for downing a movie theatre medium Diet Coke during the previews and needing to go peeeeee when they announced the training scores.


No sleep. Right. Mia slept for about an hour while we were out at the Hunger Games, and then nada once we got home. But, that gave us a second night in a row of sleeping through the night. This time, she went down at 8 and woke up at 8. For this Mama taking her extra day off on Monday, it was quite the treat. But, it was not to last.

Yesterday, Mia went down at 8, as usual. But, just as we were settling down to bed around 11, she woke up. She settled down, and just as I was finally falling asleep around midnight, she woke up again. And again. And again. Finally, at 1:30, I tried to lay down with her on the guest bed in her bedroom, but she just wanted to hang out. She was doing all her tricks. Clapping! Giving me a big open-mouthed kiss on the cheek! Playing peekaboo with the sheets! Trying to put her pacifier in my mouth! We did this until 3, when I couldn't handle it anymore and woke B up. They were up together for about 10 minutes, and finally, she was out. I, of course, took another 30 minutes to settle back down.

I am so not used to getting less than 6 hours of sleep.

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