Monday, March 5, 2012

Countdown to Mommy-cation!

Mommy-cation = Mommy Vacation

Four working days, counthing this one which is halfway over, separate me and my first vacation from being a Mommy. Also standing in the way: one research memo, and packing up my desk, bookshelf and files for our accross town office move. But that's it! I am getting up very early morning on Friday and driving the four hours to L.A. to spend the weekend enjoying my four best friends from high school, wine, dancing and general bachelorette girls weekend activities!

We are staying at a condo on Venice beach. Some people are staying up to 4 nights - unfortunately I could only pull off two nights away from the Mia, but I definitely enjoy those two nights. On the agenda for Friday is sitting on the balcony and staring at the beach with a margarita in hand. Being in charge of the purchasing the alcohol for the weekend, I will be making a margarita mix from scratch to bring and mix with tequila at the last minute. Our celebrant also enjoys margaritas, so I'm not being entirely selfish here!

On Saturday, all 14 girls ages 22-30 will be piling into a limo (a hummer - unfortunately, I was hoping that we'd find a Prius limo in California, but you know) and driving around Malibu for wine tastings. Our celebrant is a wine afficionado, so this is also not selfish. On Saturday night, we'll be having a lingerie shower in lieu of a traditional toasters and blenders shower, and then, we're off for a night of dancing and drinks at a nearby bar. To make sure we are all very L.A., we've reserved bottle service. I'm really very excited to take part in a weekend of indulgence and fun. Forgive the Bridesmaids (the movie) reference here, but I am so the older blonde lady who just wants to cut the tags off the tube top she purchased.

I haven't been part of a wedding party for two wedding seasons, and my days as a single girl going out on the weekends are also long gone, so my party skills are pretty rusty. The wedding is in May back in Chicago, and the first of my high school friends' weddings. K was one of my bridesmaids and apparently one of the most involved in planning my showers and parties, so I am thrilled to be a part of hers, and I want to make sure to return the favor and make sure she has a grand time.


  1. I still can't believe I'm moving that weekend - have a BLAST and give K a big hug for me :). See you at the wedding!

    1. It's a bummer. But I hope you'll have a drink on your porch in our honor while you look out on your gorgeous backyard and ignore the piles of boxes behind you!