Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Pal Scout

I just need to send love and a shout out to my current favorite people in the entire world--Frenchie and B! My Pal Scout by LeapFrog is amazing! It's for Tybalt, but I spent an hour playing with it myself. Thank you, you wonderful, amazing gift givers. Merry Christmas! And a recommendation for parents of children any age from infant through pre-school or maybe even slightly older--run, don't walk, to buy your little one a My Pal Scout (or My Pal Violet for the girls) by Leapfrog. It teaches children colors, letters, numbers, rhyme, song, even empathy for emotions. And it does it all by talking to your child by name, plus alot of music. The amount he will learn and the fun he will have make me excited. What makes me GIDDY is the following--we as parents know music is important, but what happens when the songs have played over, and over, and over, and over, and we just can't take it anymore? Well, with Scout and Violet, you use a USB cord, connect the stuffed animal to your computer, and YOU CHOOSE which songs will play! Sick of one? Take it out of the rotation. Parent's sanity resolved. Now back to putting the baby's needs first: Think baby is bored, click "random selection" and Scout will have a whole new playlist. Think baby needs to work on the motor skills a certain song will provide, choose that song and no others for a while so it repeats more frequently. Bottom line--it's a musical toy everyone can be happy with.

*Just to be clear, it should be stated that neither Frenchie nor I are receiving any gain of any sort for naming these products in this post. And the LeapFrog company is not afilliated with this blog. My views are my own.

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