Monday, December 12, 2011

The Holiday Lull

So, my job. I'm not busy. It's nearly Christmas (and Hanukah and everything else that people celebrate). I've got a couple of things going on, a few applications pending at CIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) which I am waiting for. And one that I have yet to send but have to wait for my person to send some documents. I would like to get started on some other people's green card application, but, you guessed it, there's still some stuff that has to come in before I start that. So, I'm waiting. And waiting.

And then, I came back to my office after lunch to find a couple of pieces of mail sitting on my desk. Yay! Stuff to do! I opened it, and there was a notice that I had some licenses to renew. Ok, this will take about an hour! Yay! Then, I was all prepared to send it out, and I went into the accountant's office to ask for a check, and lo... it's not due until February! The end of February, mind you. Sorry Frenchie, can you hang on to that until the end of January? I'll just wait some more.

Meanwhile, my husband, my mother and my baby are all sitting in my apartment probably having an awesome time while I sit at my desk.

The thing about Holiday Lull is that I've actually got stuff to do, just not here. I've got about 12 loads of laundry to do in the next 10 days for all three people in my family (B can only manage to launder his work clothes - one load, once a week). I've got Xmas cards to make order (waiting on our family portraits which are available on the 14th!) on Shutterfly. I've got Christmas gifts to buy that I cannot order online because I have to bring them with me to France and suitcases will be zipped up by time we go to sleep on the 22nd. What do you buy a 12 year old [french] girl whose clothing size you do not know? What do you buy your uncle's boyfriend? And your brother's girlfriend who you are meeting for the first time in a foreign country?

Now, to end on a more positive note, here's my new favorite picture of Mia:


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