Monday, April 13, 2015

Sneak Peek at Life with 4 Kids

alternatively titled: Sister In Law Visit #2

B's younger sister came to visit this past (extended) weekend. She and her family got in on Wednesday evening, we all took a four day weekend. They have two kids, aged 5.5 and 18 months, so we had 4 kids in our little 1,500 square foot house with as many out-of-the-house activities are we could plan and still keep the younger kids out of strollers/carseats.

Plausibly, someone could have this many kids at this age gap. Tyler, the eldest at 5 1/2, Mia at almost 4, Danielle at 1.5 and Lucy at 4 months (realistically, there would probably be more of a gap between Lucy and Danielle, but you get my point). Needless to say, the house was crazy, but really fun.

We took the kids to Red Rock Canyon for an "easy" hike, which yes, was easy but not that easy with an 18 month old and a 4 month old, but with baby carriers and the like, we all managed. The two "big" kids had a ball and lead the way. To make up for any calories we might have burned, we stopped at the Red Rock Casino Buffet for dinner, after a game of bowling to kill time before it was an acceptable meal time.

I wanted to take them to Pizza Rock for lunch, followed by playtime at Container Park, where there was some nice live music, gourmet popsicles. Container Park is so awesome and I am a bit obsessed with it. I want to go every single weekend, and I really want to go sans-kids sometime soon (though, when that might happen seems like it's ages away...). Seriously, if you're coming to Vegas, put Container Park on the list because I love it and you will too.

After this 5 day peek, I can firmly say that we are in the 2 kids is enough camp.

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