Monday, April 20, 2015

Let's get back into this

This weekend, we had what I'm hoping will be the typical weekend we'll have as a family of four. We've had visitors, and out of the ordinary activities for the past few weeks (plus the ever changing 4.5 month old), but this weekend was pretty ordinary. On Saturday, I had the girls on my own until B got home from work around 4pm, and we watched movies and played Legos, and played outside and did tummy time, and folded laundry, and gave Roscoe a bath, and maybe a few other things that may have been mundane, but it's nice to be back to it. On Sunday, we rose early to participate in an AIDS walk, which is a-typical, but got us out of the house and started with our day, so all our errands were done by 12 on the dot. Lucy and I have gotten pretty good at nursing on the go, so we can stay out for a few hour stretches so long as we have water and snacks packed for all. 

I should really start taking more pictures, I wish I had some to insert here!

I've decided to start putting Lucy in daycare for 1 day per week, and B will work every Saturday he can, giving him a weekday off, giving me a second day to go to work on my own. I think Lucy and I still need to be together for most of the time, but these two days should improve our relationship quite a bit (and hopefully make her less hateful of the bottle...). Today is her first day there, and while I have a few things going on, I'm not go-go-go busy in between pumping sessions. Things may have gotten a bit overwhelming with the non-stop juggling, and with B's schedule being so unreliable. 

And despite Lucy's 3 time wake up overnight, I'm feeling pretty energized this morning. I bought a new minty shampoo, a new eyeliner that I've been wanting for months, I had a shower without hearing a baby cry, so things are good! I've been struggling a bit with overeating (nursing makes me hungry, all the freaking time) but I've now gone a full week tracking all my food -- not a diet so much as making me aware of what and how much I'm eating, and reminding me to pump the brakes once in a while instead of trusting my unreliable feeling of satisfaction. It's not much of a victory in getting back to a comfortable weight, but it's a start. 

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