Monday, September 8, 2014

Complain-y Moments

I have pregnancy brain to the millionth degree. But at least I'm aware of it. I had two small things to do -- each would take about 10 minutes. I have to start BOTH at the same time to make sure I don't do one and forget about the other. 20 minutes later, both things are done but my brain is exhausted.

I have done everything I can leading up to a motion hearing we have scheduled for Wednesday. I'm not arguing it, of course, outside counsel is, but I've done everything humanly possible for things to go in our favor. I hope. I keep telling myself that I am not my job. This weekend, I'd work myself up over the motion, but Mia's hugs would keep me grounded. This morning, with Mia's scent and arms at daycare, I'm trying to focus on this baby's kicks to keep me stable. It works, until I forget to pay attention!

I'm anxious (see above) and can't compartmentalize. This is usually my strength, and how I think I manage to keep myself happy. I find myself getting furious at my boss when I overhear him speaking to his family and responding that things are "great" when asked how he's doing, and that he's "just working hard over here" when asked what he's up to. You are not fine! Don't be so cheerful!

I have a co-worker who was hired in a pretty large role while I was out studying for and taking the bar exam last year. Usually, I'm somewhat involved in the hiring process, but obviously, I was out when she started. I would never, ever, have been enthusiastic about this hire. She is unable to compose a coherent sentence in written form. COMPLETELY unable. She has written 5 word interoffice memos, and two of the 5 words are misused or misplaced. So every time she needs something "written", she comes to me. She speaks, and I write it down. I cannot, CANNOT understand how a person can get through life like this. I also cannot understand how someone like this could ever make it through any form of hiring process. I've brought it up, of course, and have been asked to please help her if I have time.

The weekend ended with me sitting on the couch, declaring that I had not had any fun all weekend. I was whiny about all the football that had been on my television, despite there really not being anything else that I wanted to watch. I spend the weekend doing about 12 loads of laundry for myself, my child, and my unborn child. Then I folded and put away all of that laundry. And organized the girl(s)' closet and room. It was incredibly productive, actually. But not at all fun. I honestly didn't leave the house once.

There is a box of under 6 month old infant clothing hidden away in my house. I've found many many onesies and burp cloths and swaddling blankets but I'm missing a bunch of footie sleepers I absolutely know we had. I've looked everywhere I can think to look, and of course, my husband has been to preoccupied with his fantasy football team to care to assist me in my search. Where oh where are those adorable little clothes hiding??

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  1. Blech, I've had those weekends where at the end you feel like all you did was take care of everybody else. Blow off work for half an hour and take yourself out for ice cream!