Tuesday, September 2, 2014

At least it's not a Monday

There's something about the first day back at work following a three day weekend that makes me dread opening my work email. I come up with all sorts of scenarios that could have happened between 5pm on Friday and 9am on Tuesday. I have to remind myself that everyone else was off work too. The post office was closed. The courts were closed. Other businesses were closed. This is no different from a regular Monday, except it has the bonus of already being Tuesday!

During pregnancy, my anxiety levels seem to skyrocket. Not about the pregnancy itself, or about the baby (though I do have my moments), but about everything else around me.The anxieties are nothing new, circumstances are generally not changed, but me? I can't seem to keep it together. I can feel my heart beating in my chest, my blood pressure drops, I get dizzy... it's all very unpleasant. 

Spoiler alert -- nothing new or unexpected happened. There are some stressful things to deal with, but you know. Nothing I didn't know about on Friday and clearly nothing I can stop from giving me the yucks.

Anyway. The weekend! It really was a glorious one. At some point on Sunday, I felt like maybe we should actually try to do something social and involving a grill, but then I decided to just blow up our inflatable pool and call that Labor Day. And it was spectacular. It was hot enough to make our 8 foot long plastic pool appealing, and Mia and I spent about 2 hours lounging and splashing about on both Sunday and Monday while B was a fuddy duddy indoors.

Even with the daytime splashing about, it managed to be a really productive weekend. We did the things working parents need to do on the weekends to keep up with... life. I even had time to organize my inventory stock for the upcoming holiday opening of the Etsy Shop. I've found that I can be successful in the months leading up to and following the Holidays, but that it isn't worth the time and effort in between. So, look out for some new things starting October 1st, including lots of new handmade earrings! I'm excited for the season, and I am trying to get most of the making and photographing done before I am juggling a newborn on my boob multiple times a day. 

Happy September, everyone! Next week, 3rd trimester and all its glory.

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