Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In which I become a single parent (for 4 days) plus bullets.

  • I was so focused on our big trip, that I totally forgot to anxiously work myself up for B's little training trip to Arizona this week. He leaves today, and doesn't come back until Friday night. 4 whole days! I certainly hope the garbage doesn't fill up in that amount of time, or I will be very grumpy when I carry it twenty feet to the outside garbage. I didn't get married to take out my own garbage! Anyway, it's not much of a big deal, right? I realize that there are parents who do this, all the time, with many more children. But you know, it's new to me and all that.
  • Also? It turns out that I have to do some serious CLE programs as a 1st year licensed Nevada attorney. Something involving a development plan, a mentor, and completing an unheard of number of hours doing things like "Discuss techniques for finding a balance between career and personal life, putting daily pressures in perspective, reconciling job expectations with actual experience." I'll fill that one in with "See Blog". I met my mentor late last week, and she seems very knowledgeable, though somewhat impatient. She seemed pretty annoyed that I came in to this meeting completely unaware of the program, but I will make up for it in our next discussion about "substance abuse and mental health issues, including possible warning signs of substance abuse or mental health issues" (another requirement). 
  • Otherwise, we were all sick (again). I got myself another ear infection. Apparently, it can be a thing in adults too. Ear infections every time you get a cold. Mia has just started to get over hear automatic ear infection every time she has any congestion, so now, it's my turn. 
  • We bought Mia a twin bed, and it got delivered late last week. The first few days were absolutely without issue,  but last night, she started asking to get back in her crib. We left the crib in the room, though we bought the gate back onto it. In my opinion, it should be disassembled and brought back down to the garage, but B thinks we should keep it in the room because of the BUGS. In the long run, I will win this argument. But for now, I'm letting him think I believe his reason is good.

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