Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Take off in 2 days!

LAS --> ORD 24 hour break  ORD -->CDG  7 days  CDG-->DFW  DFW-->LAS

with an almost 3 year old

I have prepared the following devices in order to keep a semblance of sanity: 

1) an iPod classic, loaded up with all the children's movies we own. I would have done this on an iPad, had we decided to purchase one. But, if there is an iPad in the room (my Mom's, B's sister's, anyone else's) Mia is completely obsessed with it. We vowed never to have one permanently in our home for this very reason. PS, yesterday, we added Frozen to the collection. We, along with the rest of the world, are totally smitten by that movie. When I was checking out at target, both of the people in line ahead of me had a copy too! I also have some children's ear phones for said iPod.

2) in lieu of said iPad, we opted for a LeapPad2. We purchased that very pink, very girly one for the same price as the regular one. While I usually like to buy more gender-neutral versions of these types of toys, there is no denying that that very model would delight and thrill Mia the most. We decided this would be her birthday gift, she is just getting it 2 months early. Plus, I am not showing it to her until we set foot on the first flight.

3) A pack of crayola color wonder paper and markers. Have you parents out there used these yet? They're actually really great, and Mia loves them. I have a brand new pack, that I intend to bring out at some point during the flights. The packs are especially handy, because they give you the colors that you would need to complete the drawings - if your kid cares about coloring everything the proper color, which... my kid does not.

4) Dollar aisle junk. This is another tool that I will bring out every few hours, to break up the very lengthy flights. In my arsenal, I have some fruit roll ups, a candy necklace and bracelet set, a Jr. Slinky, a pack of Memory Game cards.

5) Also, I bought her a spanking new backpack [packpack, in Miaspeak] from DownEast Furniture and Clothing. Now, I am not familiar with this store since a location just opened up here in Las Vegas, but if you have one in your area, go in there right now and go to the backpack section. They have PB Kids rejects for about $7.50-$10.00. They are straight up rejects, and have already been embroidered with a usually odd name, but that embroidery will come right up with a seam ripper. I managed to find a very cute polka dot one with just a 3-letter monogram on it that came up with about 15 minutes of work. You can barely see the outline, and Mia is thrilled with it! I'm thrilled with it because it seems like good enough quality to last at least a few years.

Here's hoping that'll get us through the very many hours of flying time.

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  1. I want to hear ALL about this when you get back. We really want to take Lis overseas, but the flight, the time change... I'll be interested to hear how it goes!