Monday, November 11, 2013

Hats, the knit kind.

Even though it's 75 degrees here today, that isn't the normal 100 degrees we've been getting since May, so that definitely feels like winter. And, since we are creeping very quickly towards the holidays, I have really increased my knitting production. Namely, hats.

I made my first hat without any kind of pattern. It's more of a mashing together of different techniques that I've learned by making other hats, using patterns. This was intended to be a slouchy beret/beanie type hat, but it turned into just your basic beanie. And it's cute. I intended it to be for Mia, but, depending on what kind of knitting I manage to get done throughout the next few months, it may very well be gifted elsewhere. I made it with some acrylic red sparkly yarn left over from last year's Holiday Ornaments.

On the adult side of things, I picked up a little pamphlet of hat patterns from Michael's. Generally, I do not like shopping for yarn or patterns at Michael's because I like to make an effort to support Local Yarn Shops, but once in a while, life requires you to make a trip to Michaels, and while on that trip to Michael's, I cannot be expected to skip over the yarn section. It's a nice little pamphlet, and this Truly Purple hat (not knit in purple) is what I started with. It's not finished, which is unfortunate, but I'll be done by Tuesday night at the latest. Again, I would very much like to keep this hat, but I almost certainly will be giving it as a gift and hoping to make myself one down the line.

The pattern is only OK. It feels like it was not very well written, and while it's turning out quite pretty, it feels a bit clumsy. Most of the other hats are not so elaborate, so I am not disappointed in the $4 I spent. Plus, it really is turning out slouchy and will be even slouchier after I'm done blocking.

Next up, another beanie, probably from the same book, in Chicago Blackhawks colors, for my dearest nephew, whose interests are limited to Trucks, Trains and the Chicago Blackhawks. And I am most certainly not attempting any truck or train patterns.

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