Friday, May 31, 2013

Mia's Second

I'll let the lateness of this post slide (and I hope you will too) considering the circumstances of 1) a million family members being in town 2) a birthday party to plan and get together, and 3) all while continuing to attend BarBri lectures both in person, online at home and online at work. But, the most important thing to take out of this is... Mia turned two this weekend!!

Saturday, to be more specific. At 2, Mia had very little idea why when she woke up from her nap, the house was filled with balloons and Olivia paraphernalia, to her great delight. I told her many many times that day that it was her birthday, which she would repeat back with as much enthusiasm as she could muster, but of course, she has no idea what the hell that actually means.

Regardless, Mia very much enjoyed the mountains of attention she received from her many guests, and playing with the two children we invited. I thought about organizing some games and activities for the kids, but brought out a bunch of bubbles, bubble wands and bubble guns (all of which are completely broken now, not surprisingly) instead which kept them all very occupied for the duration of the afternoon.

At two, Mia:

Weighs 24lbs, 1 oz. (10-25%)
Is 33.5 inches tall. (25-50%)
Size: 2T

She talks - non stop. She talks to us, she talks to the dogs, she talks to her dolls and stuffed animals, NON STOP. We hear her talking to herself in her crib after a nap, before a nap, during a nap... NON STOP. You get the idea.

We've developed a lovely morning routine where Brian gets her out of her crib right after he's showered, and while I'm still slumbering, and she'll come in and say: "Wake up, Mama!", and she proceeds to climb into Brian's spot and pretend to go back to sleep. She's also figured out how to shut off my alarm clock, which has made oversleeping much easier to do.

She is so much fun, but she continues to be sassy. She's constantly putting B (Papa) in "Time Ouuuut!" for the thing she believes to be against the rules. Of course, Papa deserves it about 75% of the time. If she doesn't get something she wants, she hangs her head in absolute despair, until she either gets over it, or... I give in.

She eats in a booster chair, at the table, on her own. She's pretty picky in what she'l eat, and is really inconsistent in her preferences. One night, she'll eat an entire chicken sausage and ask for more, and others, she eats only the green beans. We try not to make too many things available to her, and we do our best to feed her the same thing we are eating. If we're having something spicy or strongly flavored, she'll get a bowl of Mac n Cheese and be thrilled about it.

She has started to pay attention to televisions and can actually sit for about an hour of a move. Her favorites, in order, are The Lorax, The Lorax, and The Lorax. At least it's a fun movie with a good message, and we've moved on from Yo Gabba Gabba.

We are maybe slightly starting to consider potty training, and on Tuesday, she took a bona fide tinkle in the potty. We celebrated with much fanfare, but haven't gotten much further than that. My Mom is in town until the beginning of July and vows to have her completely trained by the time she leaves, which is absolutely fine with me.

So Mia, you'll have to forgive me for this post being a bit less detailed than the others, but Mama's got a Conflicts lecture to get back to. I love you more than you can imagine,


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  1. Two?!?!? NO way! How long have I been reading your blog now!?!? She is absolutely a stunner, might I add. You are in so much trouble, especially if Zain ever visits you. He loves gorgeous, older women!